spot  2.11.2
Here is a list of all modules:
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 Hard-coded families of formulas or automata.
 Hard-coded families of automata.
 Hard-coded families of formulas.
 Miscellaneous helper functions
 Hashing functions
 Random functions
 TA (Testing Automata)
 Essential TA types
 TA representations
 TA algorithms
 Input/Output of TA
 Transforming TGBA into TA
 Algorithm patterns
 TA simplifications
 Miscellaneous algorithms on TA
 Temporal Logic
 Essential Temporal Logic Types
 Input and Output of Formulas
 Rewriting Algorithms for Formulas
 Algorithms related to the temporal hierarchy
 Miscellaneous Algorithms for Formulas
 TωA (Transition-based ω-Automata)
 Kripke Structures
 Essential TωA types
 TωA representations
 TωA algorithms
 Language containment checks
 TωA on-the-fly algorithms
 Input/Output of TωA
 Stutter-invariance checks and related functions
 Conversion between acceptance conditions
 Algorithms for parity acceptance
 Translating LTL formulas into TωA
 Algorithm patterns
 TωA simplifications
 Miscellaneous algorithms on TωA
 Emptiness-check algorithms
 TωA runs and supporting functions
 Emptiness-check statistics
 Functions related to game solving
 Functions related to Mealy machines
 Reactive Synthesis

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